Payments & Refunds

Payment for all UK Trading services are always taken in advance of the service being provided.

If we are unable to collect a payment, then:
1). The service being bought is either not provided (where it is a new service).
2). Or an existing service will be suspended after 7 days of it's expiry date

Our system auto notifies you around 28 days before a service is due for renewal that the renewal is approaching, and will notify you daily if the service is within a week of renewal and still remains unpaid.

UK Trading operate a 'fairness' policy which enables you to renew a service up to 14 days after it fell due without penalty, however if the service remains unpaid after 14 days, we will disconnect the service, and a service/administration charge will become payable (on top of the outstanding fees) to have the service re-connected.

In the case of domain name registration renewals, you will be able to renew up to 14 days after its due renewal date without penalty. A service/administration charge will become payable (on top of the outstanding fees) if the invoice remains unpaid after 14 days.

If 31 or more days have elapsed from the domain registration renewal date, there will be a 'recovery' fee payable in addition to the renewal fee(s).


Where a service is cancelled during it's current 12 month hosting contract, an administrative fee will be deductable from the refunded value.

30 day guaranteed refunds
We offer a full 30 day money back refund where you buy a website hosting service that fails to meet your expectations, subject to clauses 1-3 in the Refund Notes shown below.
You are required to make your claim in writing, stating your reasons for cancellation to our offices at PO Box 105, Helston, Cornwall TR13 3AH or by email to within the stipulated 30 day period.

Refund Notes:

1). We do not issue refunds on special offers, promotions, or discounted services that may be offered from time to time on our website.
2). Where we have provided and installed software, or free SSL certification on your account (in the case of osCommerce or Zen Cart for instance), we reserve the right to make an appropriate charge/deduction for the product or for time spent in setting up and configuring SSL certification on the server for you.

3). We do not offer refunds because you have changed your mind.

4). Where we have agreed with you to provide an extended service that includes graphic design, SEO operations, or similar services by monthly payment , it is deemed that the contracted period is for 12 (twelve) months, and is legally binding on both you and UK Trading.

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